Paddings and Strappings for the Professional

Hapla Paddings and Strappings are the secure bond between you and your patient. Twenty five years of scientific and clinical research have helped develop a unique medically proven adhesive system which delivers the best products and treatment techniques to the Podiatry profession.

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As the market leader, Hapla has a comprehensive range of paddings and strappings. With specialist products, which can be used by the podiatrist to treat a variety of foot complaints, including:

Hapla in use
  • Hapla Fleecy Foam
  • Hapla Fleecy Web
  • Hapla All Wool Semi Compressed Felts
  • Hapla Mixture Semi Compressed Felts
  • Hapla Foam-O-Felt
  • Hapla Surgical Tapes

Hapla is also committed to providing training in the use of the products and techniques it is passionate about. It provides DVDs, videos and ongoing podiatry courses to instruct and advise podiatrists on the use of its products.

Hapla is a trade mark of Cuxson Gerrard, which was founded in 1878 and has pioneered many new product developments in healthcare.

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Hapla Paddings and Strappings Dr Robert A van Lith

Hapla Paddings and Strappings Dr Robert A van Lith