Fleecy Web Group

Hapla Fleecy Web

  • 100% cotton padding with a raised fleecy surface
  • Designed to reduce friction and shearing stress from an area of skin e.g. dorsum of toes or posterior aspect of the heel
  • Transverse stretch allows Fleecy Web to conform to skin including over concave and convex surfaces of the foot without creasing
  • Available in pink, blue and white colours, in sheet or roll formats and in regular or heavier densities
Fleecy Web Pink

Hapla Fleecy Web – Pink

  • Available in packs of 4 sheets with dimensions 22.5cm x 40cm
  • Available in a transverse stretch roll with dimensions 5.0cm x 3m, an ideal size for carrying in a domiciliary case
  • Also available as a unit of 12 longitudinal stretch rolls with dimensions 4.0cm x 90cm ideal for covering digits with no creasing

Fleecy Web Extra

Hapla Fleecy Web Extra

  • Available with a higher loft and greater density of cotton for additional comfort, Fleecy Web Extra is available in packs of 4 sheets with dimensions 22.5cm x 40cm

Fleecy Blue

Hapla Fleecy Web – Blue

  • Available in packs of 4 sheets with dimensions 22.5cm x 40cm and is in every way the same as pink fleecy web just in blue

Fleecy Web Roll White Packshot

Hapla Fleecy Web – White

  • Available in a roll presentation with dimensions 7.5cm x 5m and contains an anti-bacterial agent which does not allow bacterial growth within the fleecy material

Fleecy Web Roll Transverse Stretch

Hapla Fleecy Web Roll Transverse Stretch

  • Provides a reduction in shearing stress to the area over which it is placed due to the loft of the material absorbing this stress
  • Comes in a convenient 5.0cm x 3m roll

Fleecy Web Roll Longitudinal Stretch

  • Used as a cast edging material, the longitudinal stretch allows the application with no creasing
  • Comes as a box of 12, 4.0cm x 90cm rolls